Heart-Steps Therapy Book
will help you to identify and understand about abuse and the unavoidable consequences. I have shared my story as an example of the many types of abuse. Through reading my story and this therapy you will learn to love yourself by repairing your damaged sense of self and distorted belief system of what you believe to be true about yourself and the world. It also will help you to repair your maladaptive coping skills and behavior patterns. You are never, ever alone.


I am made up yesterday’s despair, today's hope and tomorrow's dreams, with mere shreds of myself that have refused to surrender and have refused to die. I am a survivor!

by Rosalie Marie Musumeci  CHT, D.D., D.M.
Certified Hypnotherapist * Mental Health Counselor for Abuse and Consequences re: Male Intimacy Therapies re: 1990 Internship * Doctor of Divinity * Doctor of Metaphysics

Copyright © 1990 by Rosalie Marie Musumeci
All Rights Reserved.  No part of any art / literary content works herein may be reproduced (make copies), adapted (make new versions), distributed or published, performed in public, or displayed.

With all my love and heart I dedicate this book to my children and family.


Heart-Steps Therapy 1
Rosalie, My Memoir

HST 1 Rosalie, My Memoir

Preface: It Must Be Written
Never did I relent, as I battled deep within myself to turn my misery into time well spent.
On a logical level I understand what happened but I just don’t know how to explain it to my heart.

Love and savage, love and savage, go together with my heart you ravages.

Home was a nightmare.

My Husband's Recreation of Abuse & His Childhood Foundation Carved in Stone

Children learn what they live and then they live what they have learned.

Did I believe my husband's view of me?

I needed to identify if I was abused.

The Divorce

My dreaded path of no return into my world of depravity and degradation.

Romeo and Juliet
But then… in a heart-stopping moment I realized that had committed the most unforgivable sin.
I did not protect my children from their father.

I am a survivor!

I became a therapist.

My Mission Statement

Heart-Steps Therapy 2
About Me: My Professional Life

HST 2 About Me: My Professional Life

I am a survivor!

I became a therapist.

My Mission Statement

Private Practice

Studies, Certificates and Certifications

Awards and Honors

My Creative Works

Radio Interviews
Published Literary Works
Self-Published Literary Works
Manuscripts in Progress


Heart-Steps Therapy 3
The Human Condition & The Creation of Memories: Our Subconscious Minds

HST 3 The Human Condition & The Creation of Memories:  Our Subconscious Minds

The Human Condition & The Creation of Memories: Our Subconscious Minds

Psychological Prisons: The Invisible Wounds

Broken Children and Their Recreation of Abuse

The Regrettable Tradition
Mothers / Fathers
An Abusive and Non-Abusive Parent
Abused as a Child and as an Adult

Graphics Tales of Abuse

Heart-Steps Therapy 4
Self Therapy

HST 4 Self Therapy

Self-Expression Journal

Subconscious Self-Expression


Conscious Self-Expression

Sticks and stones may break my bones but abuse will always harm me.
This is my poetry collection about being abused while married to my ex-husband.

Mind Theatre Scripts

The Repair of Sense of Self Script

The Psychological Confrontation Script

Heart-Steps Therapy 5
Emotional Intimacy Therapy

HST 5 Emotional Intimacy Therapy

Emotional Intimacy
Fear of Emotional Intimacy in Relationships

Therapy for Emotional Intimacy

Sensate Focus I
Sensate Focus II
Playtime Exercises
Heart-Steps Therapy 6
Sexual Intimacy Therapy

HST 6 Sexual Intimacy Therapy

Sexual Intimacy
The Calamity of Making Love with Sexual Dysfunctions / Fetishes
Fetishistic Love Making
Fetish or No Fetish

Descriptions of Male Sexual Dysfunctions and Fetishes

Male Sexual Dysfunctions

Causes of Male Sexual Dysfunctions and Fetishes

Basic Causes
Performance Anxiety and Non-Conflict Issues
Conflict Issues
Medical and Medication Issues
Specific Causes

Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy for Male Sexual Dysfunctions

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Sexual Aversion Disorder

Male Erectile Disorder

Male Orgasmic Disorder

Premature Ejaculation

Combination Orgasmic Disorder

Sexual Dysfunctions when Masturbating

Sexual Dysfunctions when using Condoms

Sex Therapy for Fetishes

Conflict Issues

Heart-Steps Therapy 7
Graphic Tales

HST 7 Graphic Tales

Graphic Tales of No Male Sexual Dysfunctions but the Probability Exists

Graphic Tales of Male Sexual Dysfunctions

Graphic Tales of Fetishes

Graphic Tales of Male Sexual Dysfunctions and Fetishes

Heart-Steps Therapy 8
Your Story

HST 8 Your Story

You need to identify if you were abused.

While Healing and in Recovery

You need to understand...

Were you abused?

Wait. Before you answer, do you remember my story of abuse?

So were you abused?

Did you believe your abuser's view of you?

You are a survivor!

Think about telling your story!

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The Psyche Workshop

Abuse and Consequences
The Psyche Workshop

My captivation with the mind, together with my humanitarian nature, my varied professional training and experiences, my therapy talents, and through my past and ongoing extensive research and studies, has guided me on a journey in which I am blessed in that I am able to help people. In addition, through my personal past, I have learned to turn my misery into time well spent. Helping others has always been where my heart is and my lifelong desire, both personally and professionally. My goal is to continue on this path.

Bless the Abused
Bless the Abused

Bless the Abused Facebook Page

Real stories of abuse.
Awareness and support.
You can tell your own story without using your name.
Tears of My Family
Tears of My Family

Fact or Fiction is about my son, Joseph and my rendition of how the protect and serve aspect of the law is not law after all..
Brothers Forever Together is about the loss of my nephews, Steven and Matthew.
"Cremate me and throw my ashes down the sewer" is about the loss of my brother Joseph.

The Sad Truth about Elder Care

The Sad Truth about Elder Care

In February 2008 my mom became sick. Well my research left me in a fatal state of dismay and disgust. This is my research study about Nursing Homes / Rehabilitation Facilities.