Heart-Steps Therapy 6
This Heart-Steps Therapy will help you to learn to love yourself by repairing your damaged sense of self and distorted belief system of what you believe to be true about yourself and the world. It also will help you to repair your maladaptive coping skills and behavior patterns..

Emotional Intimacy

Sexual Intimacy
Sexual Intimacy Repair / Create / Enhance
The Calamity of Making Love with Sexual Dysfunctions / Fetishes
Descriptions of Male Sexual Dysfunctions and Fetishes
Causes of Male Sexual Dysfunctions and Fetishes

Therapy Sessions

If you would like to make an appointment, please Email: and write “Session” in the subject area. I did see people in-person from 1990 to 2004 however I do not do in-person sessions anymore so in your email please state how you would like to communicate. You don’t have to use your real name initially. All sessions are private and confidential. And always remember you are not and never will be alone.

Fear of Emotional Intimacy in Relationships

Therapy for Emotional Intimacy

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Emotional Intimacy


Emotional intimacy concerns psychological bonding. Emotional intimacy problems you may experience are in general having a fear of intimacy even though we may be starving for affection. We may avoid and be fearful of touches of affection, such as being hugged, fearing all touch much end in sex, or words of affection, such as being called sweetheart, honey and words of the like, fearing they not genuine as the person saying it is not genuine either. We may be unable to replace passion with companionship because we may see emotional intimacy as interference. And so, we may alienate, isolate and estrange ourselves from others. We may be with people who are not right for us, consistently choosing the wrong partner.

Therapy for Emotional Intimacy

Note: The following exercises will help you to be rid of your fear / avoidance of emotionally bound situations. You need to have a partner to perform these exercises.

Sensate Focus Exercises

Note: The technique of sensate focus was initially developed as a sex therapy technique by Masters and Johnson in the 1960s. It involves a series of behavioral exercises that couples do together in order to enhance their intimacy and connection.


Sensate Focus I does not involve any genital touching. Still, you will experience much pleasure through sensual touch. You should do this exercise to your partner first.


  1. Ask your partner to lie down on her stomach as you lower the lights and put soft music on.
  2. Start by using creams or oils and make light, feathery, sensual touches to her body beginning with her back.
  3. Ask your partner to close her eyes, and you close your eyes also. See your partner with your hands.
  4. After a while ask her to turn over and continue with your sensual touch.
  5. This touch should make your partner feel loved, accepted, comforted, relaxed, warm, and giving, drawing from her, affection for you.
  6. After you finish, ask your partner to do the same type of touch to you.
  7. You need to do this exercise for a couple of weeks at the very least.
  8. Then move onto Sensate Focus II.


Sensate Focus II includes Sensate Focus I and the following.


  1. This time there will be genital touching, but still no making love.
  2. Do the sensual touching as in Sensate Focus I, but also touch your partner’s genitals and your partner should touch your genitals.
  3. If you try to make love before you have your full confidence back, chances are, a sexual dysfunction may happen.

Playtime Exercises

Note: Do not make love!!!

Note: It doesn’t matter who goes first.

Note: If you have Premature Ejaculation, you may not be able to do these touch exercises because you may ejaculate quickly.


Just Breathe 


1.      Sit on the floor with your legs opened, and have your partner sit in between your legs with her back to your chest.

2.      Gently wrap your arms around her, placing your hands right underneath her breasts.

3.      Both you and your partner close your eyes and as you feel your partner breathe, follow her rhythm, and then switch.


Lean on me 


  1. Your partner sits on the floor and you kneel behind her.
  2. Ask her to lean on you and make her body limp so you can gently move her around freely.
  3. After a while you and your partner should switch.




  1. Sit on the floor together, face to face.
  2. Start by gently touching your partner’s shoulder.
  3. She then touches your shoulder.
  4. She then touches your face.
  5. You then touch her face.
  6. You touch her hand.
  7. She then touches your hand.
  8. Continue touching different parts of each other’s bodies.


Catch me if you can 


  1. You need a plastic mat to play this game.
  2. Take equal parts of baby oil, and any lotion or cream you like and mix them together.
  3. Rub this mixture all over your partner's body and ask her to rub it all over you.
  4. Lie down on the plastic mat, and ask your partner to lie on top of you.
  5. Try to hold her in place as she slips and slides.
  6. After a while, you and your partner should switch.




  1. Ask your partner to lie down in a comfortable place and allow you to blindfold her.
  2. Tell her to focus on your touch and tell you what she thinks you are touching her with (e.g., hands, feathers, you are limited only by your imagination).
  3. After a while you and your partner should switch.




  1. Stand face to face with your partner.
  2. Let her take the lead as you behave as if you are looking in a mirror.
  3. Try to follow her movements, becoming her reflection.
  4. After a while you and your partner should switch.


Hide and seek


  1. Ask your partner to take a small piece of tape and place it somewhere on her body while you are not looking.
  2. You must find the tape, and will be able to do this by slow sensual touching on every part of her body.
  3. Move slowly as you explore your partner’s body.
  4. Once you find the tape, switch.

Therapy Sessions

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Heart-Steps Therapy Book
Heart-Steps Therapy Book

This Heart-Steps Therapy will help you to learn to love yourself by repairing your damaged sense of self and distorted belief system of what you believe to be true about yourself and the world. It also will help you to repair your maladaptive coping skills and behavior patterns.

Heart-Steps Therapy 6
Emotional Intimacy

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