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for it was and always will be dark, dreary and scary from when our innicence came facde-to-face with evil.
This page is about awareness and support for those who have suffered abuse.We are not alone.

are shared to my Bless the Abused Facebook Page

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Bless the Children for I am sure it must be dark, dreary and scary when the innocence of a child comes face-to-face with evil.

We are made up of yesterday's despair, today's hope, and tomorrow's dreams with mere shreds of ourselves that have refused to surrender, that have refused to die.

"You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should've behaved better." (Anne Lamont)

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To Sleep. To Die. Nevermore to Cry

Wedding Dress


When we were married, I stood before the mirror dressed in my wedding gown.

My dreams danced around me as I imagined what my life would be like with you.

I loved you so very much, and I believed that you loved me too. Later that day we were married.

But then within a short time my smiles become tears.

At first I cried and cried, and made excuses for you as to why you were hurting me so badly.

Your unkind words troubled my heart, soul and mind.

And so, I shed my wedding dress for all my days, and wore instead my imaginary suit of armor around my heart to try to keep you out, to try to keep the pain out.

Alas, it was all in vain.

The Dark

I didn’t think I had to fear the dark, but you in disguises did embark.

And though at first you appeared to be kind, you lingered relentlessly to get me in time.

I didn’t beware you who had risen from hell.

I didn’t look deep into eyes, for I didn’t know the eyes always tell.

The Garden Weeds

My love was only for you, always for you.

I thought it could take away your sadness which was as the blackness of graves.

I thought it would destroy your pain which was cast upon you years ago, for years too long.

But your loveless love for me turned my heart into garden weeds destroying me and my love for you.

And so, the garden became one of horror, festering weeds of anger, and weeds of hate.

It’s too late.

The Magic Wand

You were as a magician who broke my heart and then spoke words empty of regret.

You pleaded with me to forgive you.

I did.

I did believe this illusion of you, even as you shoved me through tunnels of fresh wounds to the ever dark side of you.

I was fooled again and again, because as I looked into your eyes, I did not see your lies.

Your magic wand was as a double-edged sword.

Love Keeper

My heart flew away on a butterfly’s wings to you.

I thought you were the keeper of my love, the keeper of my life.

But instead my heart became trapped within the debris of you.

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Masquerade of Mind

The sword of Damocles (impending doom) was carved into my destiny and so, I sought refuge in the masquerade of mind where I dwelled within the imperishable soul of me.

I was weary of your lunacy that had invaded my every breath.

But then you called my name.

I stood before you wearing the costume of the day, as I had done countless times before, which you had imposed upon me.

But this for years so long, too long and I fear I have misplaced the clothes that I am.

And so, I looked deeply into your eyes seeking me, believing you were my truth, but I saw nothing or no one looking back.


You kidnapped my memories of love and visions of teddy bears and kisses and hugs, though they were mine.

I struggled through dreaded time and it was so unkind.

And my days were ‘there’, simply ‘there’, in a nowhere land of ‘just simply there’.

And in that place of nothingness, something-ness stood close to me bringing the darkness and the loss of hope into every morrow, with those memories of you of tears and sorrow. 

Day in and day out, there was never a doubt of those sad tales of old, being told and retold, and those tales so sad and for me, too bad, too bad.

I searched for me, in all my days, but found instead, those empty sighs, and someone’s cries.

Though filled with doubt and dread and gloom, I peeked inside that mind room.

I crept and crawled and through it all, I closed my eyes, for fear to see, for fear to be.

But then I knew, I never knew, these empty sighs and someone’s cries, was really me.

My Dreams

You sought out my dreams so you could blow black ashes upon them.

My dreamless sleep and nightmares haunted my soul as a spirited spell and carved my demise profoundly upon all of my tomorrows.

You hung onto my heart, weighing it down as heavy as the torments you inflicted, as you angrily ripped at me and exploded into vivid colors of pain.

I was scattered, and shattered wherever my eyes saw me.

There I was again with my broken dreams and as they died, I then saw the abyss of you.

My Hopeless Hope

I always believed tomorrow’s dawn could have brought hope.

But because of you hope was never born and so with you hope was never ever.

You tripped my already unsteady feet making me fall and crippling my life.

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The Mask

I could not see your eyes behind your mask as you roamed through my mind where the darkness was the deepest, as I dreaded your inevitable rendezvous with me.

You hovered impatiently, waiting to enter at a moment’s notice, to haunt, to prey, to stay.

As I peeked behind your mask, I shuttered, I shattered, because as I looked into his your eyes, I saw your reflection of me.

One True Kiss

Why couldn’t you just love me and pass through my thoughts gently?

Why did you leave me with a handful of emptiness, like hollows of empty spaces in time?

Kindness was not mine as you were as a raging bull, ripping me apart and tearing me to pieces.

I wish that with you, I would have had even one true kiss.


I am haunted by nightmares and I am afraid because there isn’t anyone to stand guard.

I try to sneak by as I tiptoe, but every step brings me closer to you, to yet another dagger impatiently waiting to be thrust deep into my soul.

I feel as if I am surrounded by fires that long to destroy me and in moments of unbearable pain, I almost beg them to.


My eyes can’t see the birds and my ears can’t hear their song as I am damaged forever.

It does not matter how long I cry and wish it all away.

I am as a defiled flower, you have forgotten in the barren field of your heart.

To Sleep. To Die, Nevernore to Cry.

To sleep. To die. To nevermore cry.

The dawn brings this day as the days before, deepening the wounds, rising up black before my eyes.

I cannot escape for nowhere can I hide from you.

These days appear as nights and I welcome the rain, the gray, as I dress in shades of you.

And when I couldn’t live with you anymore, I told you as I did so many times before.

You fell to your knees, crying and resting your head upon my breasts that held my broken heart.

You grasped my hand and pledged your love to me and said that you were sorry.

You said that you would never hurt me again.

I made promises that I loved you and I stayed with you as I did so many times before.

But then, after days too few of happiness as so many times before, you inflicted on me all of the agony of all my yesterdays’ with you and I was swallowed alive as so many times before.

And when I couldn’t live with you anymore, I told you as I did so many times before.

You fell to your knees, crying and resting your head upon my breasts that held my broken heart.

You grasped my hand and pledged your love to me and said you were sorry.

You said that you would never hurt me again.

Finally I made no promise that I loved you and I did not stay with you anymore.

I feel as death, yet death itself eludes me though I cry out its name, though I cry out in vain.

Please, to sleep, to die and to nevermore cry. To die. To die. Why not I?

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